We offer employers within the health and nursing sector the opportunity to briefly present their company for free.

There is also the option of creating an extended employer profile for an additional charge. The extended features include: logo, cover image, contact, company video. You can continuously adapt your profile.

You can use your profile to create job advertisements yourself, which – based on the package you have booked – will be activated by us within 24 hours.


PflegeKompass PREMIUM Profile:

PflegeKompass PREMIUM Profile (Logo, Cover, Contact, Video, without job advertisement):

€249,— per year

For job advert prices, see below.

Starting with Package 4, the PflegeKompass PREMIUM Profile will be free of charge for 12 months.


Single Job Advertisements and Packages:

Valid from September 30, 2020.

The PflegeKompass packages include one employer profile, a logo and a banner, as well as a short description of the company and a link to job advertisement(s).

PflegeKompass Package 1

1 Job Ad

Period 4 weeks


PflegeKompass Package 2

1 Job Ad

Period 6 weeks


PflegeKompass Package 3

2 Job Ads

Period 8 weeks (in total)


PflegeKompass Package 4

3 Job Ads

Period 12 weeks (in total)


PflegeKompass Package 5

6 Job Ads

Period 24 weeks (in total)


PflegeKompass Package 6

12 Job Ads

Period 52 weeks (in total)



If you have questions, please contact us directly:

Klara Veegh and Clarissa Thurnher

Phone: +43 699 11 88 49 38